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“Working with Will has been fantastic for my personal and career development.”

Working with Will using the Enneagram in particular has really helped me to have a clearer view of how the behaviours and traits I have developed over the years help or hinder my progress in the workplace, and how I can take these behaviours and build on them to become more effective and happier in my role.

Emma, Deputy Head of Economic Development, Steer Group, London

“…drawing clearly on a vast bank of knowledge…”

“It’s an absolute pleasure working with Will – he combines great structure and framework in problem-solving, drawing clearly on a vast bank of knowledge. I leave sessions with a clear understanding of what I need to do next, ranging from long-term planning to interpersonal conflicts to personal goals. Whatever the issue, I find that an hour with Will adds calm and rational perspective that I’m not always capable of seeing myself.”

Alexi, Strategy Consultant, London

“I can’t recommend Will enough to anyone looking to find more empowerment, self-direction and meaning in their life”

“I’ve been seeing Will over the last couple of years. From the first phone call I made to him, I knew he was a good fit.

At the time, I was overwhelmed by many personal and professional challenges and was looking for someone to help me untangle, prioritise and find a way forward.

An ‘old soul’, Will is calm, compassionate, professional and has a great sense of humour. Coupled with his training and vast experience he’s able to relate to a multitude of challenges and find creative ways to gently shift your focus in order to open up possibilities for change.

I can’t recommend Will enough to anyone looking to find more empowerment, self-direction and meaning in their life.

I can honestly say that I’m in an entirely different place now and the work I did with Will played a pivotal role in making that happen.”

Shirley, Artist, London

“I cannot recommend him highly enough”

“I was actually advised to speak to Will by a friend initially, as I didn’t really have the emotional resources to think of a solution at that point. It was the best thing I could have done. From feeling like I was irreparably broken, and that my situation was unsalvageable, Will helped me hoist myself out of the hole I was in.

He is calm, gentle, non-judgmental yet has enough energy to motivate you to figure out how to solve your own problems. He also really cares – his determination to help me get back on my feet was the support I needed.

One of the most important things that he did for me was to teach me that I can solve all of these things myself – that was the most powerful tool anyone could have given me.

Even though our sessions stopped well over a year ago, I still tackle difficult situations and my emotions using the techniques he taught me.

I cannot recommend him highly enough – and have already recommended him to multiple friends.

Thank you again, Will.”

Marinel, PR & Communications Manager, London

“Will has helped me transform the way I think…”

“I turned to Will a couple of years ago when I was looking to further my career and help me elevate to the next level of seniority, and we’ve been working together since. Will has helped me transform the way I think and through his coaching techniques he’s been able to help me manage and succeed through various challenging situations both organisationally and personally. Through his coaching, I was able to shift mindsets from that of a standout individual contributor through a successful transition to a respected and competent leader across two widely different organisations.”

Nikos, Senior Product Marketing Manager, London

“I am feeling far happier and more balanced…I would not hesitate to recommend him”

“Will was recommended to me by someone I trust as a really good life coach who would not only provide a safe space in which to voice all the things I felt were going wrong in my life at a point when I was feeling completely overwhelmed, but also be able to work with me to design strategies for identifying and resolving key issues and better managing similar problems in the future.

An important part of him being someone I enjoyed working with was Will’s non-judgemental attitude and his ability to reflect back to me with kindness several underpinning beliefs or aspects of my functioning that were, in reality, not helping me at all.

I am feeling far happier and more balanced as a result of our coaching sessions and have identified important boundaries to implement to maintain my enhanced well-being.

I would not hesitate to recommend him and his work and, if I find I am struggling again, would certainly seek his assistance.”

Louise, Barrister, Kent

“Working with Will has been an extremely rewarding experience. I approached coaching with a clear goal in mind; I’m happy to say I’ve achieved it.”

“Our sessions are inspiring, challenging and thought-provoking, while the exercises that Will suggests I do in my own time have massively complimented the sessions themselves. I’m amazed by how much he’s helped me learn about myself in such a short space of time. The work we’ve done is helping me a great deal in my personal and professional life.”

James, Music A&R, London

“I am in a much better place with my life”

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. I came to you because I had periods of feeling very low, depressed and extremely lonely.

We had eight sessions and you helped me plot a path forwards. Since then I have been doing really well and I am in a much better place with my life. Things have been going great and I have felt pretty consistently content and happy for at least 18 months now which is the longest time I can ever remember. I won’t lie that I was very sceptical when I started, but you won me round quickly. The tools we discussed and the behaviours we put into place definitely helped me in the right direction and I am forever grateful.

I’m really grateful for your help and I’m in no doubt that it was an important part in why I am in a better place now.”

Ed, Structural Engineer, London

“He is wonderful; I feel like a new woman”

“I decided to try life coaching because I had tried pretty much everything else (therapy, counselling, group therapies etc). I didn’t know what to expect and I had only ever associated life coaching to changing and boosting careers but a friend had it to improve her confidence so I thought it was worth a go in an attempt to alleviate the constant feelings of worry, frustration and emptiness I was experiencing.

When I met Will, I felt instantly calm and comfortable around him and was able to talk openly to him, something I haven’t found easy with professionals in the past. Will got me questioning and challenging my thought processes and attitudes from day 1 and we worked on some techniques to target the areas I was struggling in. A really fantastic part of Will’s service is that he is available on the phone between sessions and this was invaluable on the few occasions I needed his input whilst at home.

I have now had six sessions with Will and am totally gutted they’re over as is he wonderful; I feel like a new woman! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it was that changed my mindset and my general well-being, but I know that going to Will with the intention of making some drastic positive changes in my life and actively working on those with his support has been a big part of it.”

Lizzie, Civil Servant, London

“You will not regret it for a moment”

“I can’t recommend Will highly enough. I initially saw him to try and iron out some challenges I was having at work and doubts about the direction of my career, however the methods he used and the way in which the conversations develop immediately highlighted other areas of my life that I realised I also wanted to focus on.

From the very first session I left with a sense of empowerment and focus, as well as specific action points – all of which I immediately and easily actioned as the nature of Will’s coaching is to steer you into reaching your own conclusions and goals, rather than suggesting or advising things that you may not be comfortable with or able to do.

I have seen immediate results at work, and am still in awe of how simple it has been to change things that have been causing me problems and worry for over 2 years. He also helped me identify points in my personal life that I hadn’t realised I was so keen to change, and has helped me find realistic ways in which to do so.

I would recommend life coaching to everyone – the clarity of thought you get from each session is honestly quite astounding, and the impact it has had on my life is significant. Go and see him – I promise you will not regret it for a moment!”

Vanessa, Business Development Manager, Majorca

“Will is a fantastic coach – calm, collected and thoughtful”

“I picked up some really good tools that will be a huge help in the future. Areas that I feel much more confident in are finances and trust issues. He was also really helpful with guiding my thought process and gave me a lot of clarity with decision making as a result.

I could not recommend Will highly enough. He has helped me through a very difficult period and one of the best things about it was that I felt I had helped myself.

Will has given me a lot of confidence by helping me to realise I have the answers to the things bothering me, I just needed help to find them. He is amazing!

Will is a fantastic coach – calm, collected and thoughtful. His input has provided me with increased confidence in myself and my ability. So much so that I am embarking on a career I have always dreamed of but never thought I could achieve. Thank you!”

Charlotte, Head of Account Management, London

“Huge positive shifts in my life”

“The chance to devote energy to me (with support and guidance/challenges where necessary) was such a new and valuable experience. I feel I really overcame some entrenched beliefs about my relationships and personal development, learning a far more spacious and relaxed attitude.

Will’s ability to create an environment in which I could release sometimes painful and tightly held emotions was invaluable. His carefully chosen input found a way to draw me onwards when my instinct was to withdraw (my natural tendency) and provide a backdrop of security which made this possible.

Will has an ability to intuit my limit, continuing to push me on points when necessary and to back off when I was feeling too raw. In my opinion this sensitivity and compassion would be very difficult to teach, but he has it instinctively.

Though our series of sessions was relatively short, the process genuinely changed my attitude towards certain areas of my life. This facilitated huge positive shifts which I attribute to the work we did together.

Will used his natural sensitivity and evident skills to allow me to access parts of my attitude that I had never suspected. Though the process was at times painful, Will supported me to transform this vulnerability into a strength I had never known that has led me to make huge positive shifts in my life.”

Holly, London

“I have clear direction and confidence to fulfil my true values”

“I gained clarity of mind and confidence in my decisions. A structure to move forward with. Revelation of my true values.

Will has a genuine interest in helping people move forward to live a life they love. He is straightforward, matter of fact and patient and encouraged me look at things again from a different perspective.

Will is awesome – he has been very patient with me when I think I have been a bit of a slow burner! After six sessions with Will I feel like I have clear direction and confidence to fulfil my true values.”

Imogen, London

“It’s incredible how effective it is”

“To be honest, 6 months ago I was more than a little sceptical about coaching – if you’re totally new to it perhaps you can relate to my mindset. I simply didn’t understand it or even know what it was – I now get it, love it and know when I’m in need of it.

I can’t articulate what it is better than anyone else so instead I’ll try to explain what I get from it.

I’m an entrepreneur and founder of a tech start-up and as such I need to wear many different hats. My focus needs to shift from software engineering to marketing to company development to pitching to HR to funding to you name it. In an ideal world, each task would finish before the next starts – but this is not an ideal world. It’s no wonder that my thoughts become tangled, decisions get postponed and my anxiety rises.

For me coaching helps me to articulate my vision, the decisions I need to make and explore the consequences of those decisions. It’s incredible how effective it is. If I’ve not had a coaching session for a few weeks I slip predictably back into a condition I now know is the ‘cloud of unknowing’. Coaching helps me to zoom out, take stock, look to the future and ultimately make decisions.”

David, Entrepreneur, Bristol

“It drives you to be the best version of yourself”

“I began working with Will just over a year ago when I was starting a new position, which held more responsibility than my previous roles. I wanted some coaching around managing a team and keeping on top of a demanding remit.

Will helped me enormously with both the day-to-day challenges of people management and the more longer-term aspects of planning ahead to ensure I maintained focus on how I wanted my career to develop.

Around 6 months after starting the role there were a lot of changes in my work place which impacted upon my position. Will’s guidance and support have enabled me to remain confident, positive and more sure of myself than ever before during this period of flux.

We worked together on a personal development plan and this has given me a structure that I have never had before. When I shared my plan with my manager and showed how I have been pro-actively building on my skills and experience both inside working hours and in my spare time she was able to see something more of my motivation and capabilities than would be highlighted in the standard appraisal process.

I have recently been promoted and am really seeing the benefit of investing in my career and working hard to improve myself. There is something extremely empowering about coaching because it drives you to be the best version of yourself.”

Emma, Senior Demand Generation Manager, London

“Work with Will if you want to maximise your potential”

“Will’s calm guidance and structured approach to coaching has given me a distinct advantage in progressing my career. It’s wonderful to know that when I have a tricky problem to work through, Will is always there with a clear, objective perspective to help cut through the noise.

Before starting my sessions with Will I struggled with building and maintaining good habits and often fell into procrastination. Even our occasional coaching sessions have been invaluable in helping me breaking out of negative thought patterns and sticking to my goals. This has helped me be more effective in both my work and personal life. I highly recommend working with Will if you want to maximise your potential.”

Biggles, Entrepreneur, London

“I have much more clarity and purpose in my life”

“As a professional working woman, and mother, I am accustomed to life being a bit of a juggling act! However, in the middle of this year it became obvious to me that the tight rope I was walking on was becoming rather wobbly; increasingly I felt a bit stuck in my life and I really felt the need to reassess my life goals and direction.

I have been coached by Will for the last 3 months and now feel that I have much more clarity and purpose in my life. I have been able to regain a clear focus on my work direction and passion for my work, plus exploring how best to fit this with my passion for my kids and the need for some Jane time!

I immediately felt comfortable with Will’s coaching style, in which he blends a great balance of listening and challenging. Through our sessions Will has been able to clearly ‘play back’ significant themes to me – helping me to explore options and to feel comfortable in key decisions I was making. Will is also business savvy and practical which meant our sessions have been focused and grounded in reality. I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking for a coach.”

Jane, Change & Transformation Director, London

“Will is an approachable and passionate coach”

“Will is a tremendous combination of empathy, accountability and practicality.

He helped me to define and shape a new narrative for my coaching offer using a blend of curious questioning and business experience.

I would heartily recommend Will as an approachable and passionate coach for anyone looking to launch, develop or improve their business.”

Ken, Coach & Entrepreneur, London

“Everyone should experience this type of guidance in their lives”

“Will was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and I am very happy I chose him to help with a few issues I was having at that time. I came to Will in a key moment of my life where things were changing and I wanted to change with them. In this transitional and transformational phase, Will helped me understand what is really important to me and gave me the push I needed to take actions that had a great impact in my life. A few months later, I am a new person: empowered, confident, aware and happy being me. Everyone should experience this type of guidance in their lives. I can’t recommend it enough. Thanks Will!”

Eva, London

“I feel totally empowered in every area of my life”

“When I first met with Will I lacked a clear vision in my professional life. During my 15 year career I had successfully moved through the ranks of the industry, culminating in a position on the Board of Directors. Now sitting in a more hybrid role of sales and strategy I wanted to define my leadership capabilities and develop my ability to effectively work with those in the C-Suite.

Will’s approach to my coaching was to adopt a ‘whole-life’ strategy, taking into account the different roles I play in my life. Without giving too much away, it is astonishing what I achieved when I stopped pretending to be in control and began to take real responsibility.

The sessions with Will are energised and focussed, with techniques being taught and explored which specifically relate to the challenges being faced. The fact Will has also been exposed to a corporate environment means his advice and guidance comes from a place of knowledge. Couple this with his uncanny ability to encourage me to discover the root of problems myself and then to offer up the solution myself, and I can see why so many of his clients see such fantastic results.

Six months into my journey and I feel totally empowered in every area of my life. I am more effective in my work, creating opportunities for the business and quickly establishing myself as a thought-leader for the future. The tips and tricks I have been gifted by Will in order to improve the outcomes of my meetings and projects have been invaluable and something I have used in my personal life also. I have found my identity as a father which has resulted in huge improvements in the relationships I have with my children. We are achieving our goals together and having lots of fun along the way. The partnership I have with my wife has developed in rather unexpected ways. We were always happy, but we couple that now with enormous support, mutual gratitude and a strong sense of unity. I can say without equivocation that I have never been happier, and more importantly I am having a positive effect on those people both in work and personally that I come into contact with.”

Mark, Company Director, London

“Will combines fresh thinking with seasoned wisdom”

“I sought coaching because I was on the verge of retirement and wanted to make sure I had a plan going forward which suited me and that I was thinking wide enough and big enough to make the most of this new phase of life. For this I needed another perspective, someone who could get me thinking in new ways. All those things happened during my six sessions with Will Harvey. He is one of those rare human beings who not only is practical and realistic, but who can also think out-of-box. He challenged me in ways that aligned with my personal goals, finding ways to work around genuine obstacles but removing unnecessary excuses for delay. He combines fresh thinking with seasoned wisdom and is utterly committed to the client. I highly recommend him!”

Mary, Solicitor, London

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